Value of Using Drone Technology for Building Surveys

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Often, as building surveyors, Cube Building Consultancy are tasked with surveying the roof of a building, or multiple roofs where access can be difficult.  Traditionally, we’ve used everything from hydraulic cherry pickers and scaffold towers to ladders.  However, there are times when none of these methods are an option.

This is where technology comes to the rescue. Drones to be precise.

A camera equipped drone can be used to access places that are often difficult and sometimes impossible to reach.  They can be used to great effect where access is dangerous or the risk of damage to the property is a real consideration.

More and more, Cube Building Consultancy are using drones for live inspections, for video, which can be viewed later, perhaps in court proceedings or for insurance purposes, and for still images which have a multitude of uses.  The ability to view live images and advise the drone operator of the location to focus on and photograph, from the comfort of the office is a huge leap forward.  It removes the necessity to be physically on site when the drone is in operation.

Drones were first used by our team due to the issue with access, however, we’ve also found that, by using a drones capabilities to their fullest, we’re able to inspect large, complex areas far quicker and in excellent detail.  The advantages are many, as the speed and efficiency means we can resolve issues faster, inspect a far greater number of possible issues and areas in the allotted time, and reach areas that were often previously out of reach.

There will always be situations where drones are not able to be used. Recently, we were inspecting key areas of the Olympic Park in London and, due to the proximity of City airport, drones were unable to fly. So, ground level photo’s and elevated access had to be used.  The bottom line is that whatever is needed, however improbable or seemingly complex, there’s always a solution to be found.

Of course drones can’t replace the human eye, and the ability to inspect by touch and feel but they certainly are a marvellous addition to our tool box.

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