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Specialist Decorators, Restorers and Renovators Dedicated to the Luxury Home, Corporate and Historic Markets

As high end decorating specialists, Faux Creation’s craftsmen can find themselves creating wall coverings in a restaurant in London’s Mayfair, renovating columns in an 18th century manor house using techniques first developed in 17th century Italy, or flying to Spain to redecorate the interior of a super yacht.

As artisanal craftsmen, the variety of high quality work is often demanding and always greatly satisfying. Either because we’re restoring a building steeped in history to its former glory, helping interior designers to realise a vision for their clients, delivering the backdrop for a business or giving homeowners the surroundings that help them truly enjoy being at home.

Faux Creation work with all manner of materials such as Italian plaster for fabulous surface effects, whether contemporary or traditional, the range of effects achievable are almost limitless.

After decorating luxury residential property in Bedfordshire.In any sector there are those who eclipse others, who are famous in their circle for just being superb at what they do. The principal of Faux Creation, Jason Ebers, was fortunate to be groomed by just such a person, Pierre Finkelstein. Pierre is probably the most famous and revered decorative painter in the world. Operating from his New York City studio he completes commissions in some of the most prestigious buildings in the world. In the early days of working with Pierre, Jason set up Faux Creation Inc. in New York City.  Pierre realised his potential, nurtured and encouraged it, passing on centuries old techniques, eventually leading premier projects at the forefront of Pierre’s New York operation.

When it was time for Jason to move on and to pursue his own dreams, having learned a lot and mastered many techniques, he channelled his know-how and understanding of decoration into a different direction – one that was wanted and needed by designers, architects and owners of high end homes in the UK. Faux Creation was born.
In the years since its inception Jason has surrounded himself with artisans and craftspeople that have the same values, the same appreciation of architecture and the same desire to excel with every project.

The preparation, the materials used and knowledge of how it all works together are what contribute to Jason and the Team not only creating a marvellous decorated finish but also to creating a long lasting finish that can reduce the need for maintenance dramatically, thereby reducing the cost of upkeep for a building.

This is what specialist decorating is all about – value for your investment and a beautiful finish that any interior designer, architect or homeowner can be proud to put their name to.

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Jason Ebers - Specialist DecorationAbout Jason Ebers

After establishing Faux Creation Inc. in New York City, with a passion and genuine interest for design with quality that has a positive impact on peoples lives, we decided, as a family, to move back to rural Cambridgeshire. We wanted to raise the children in the countryside close to family and a short journey away from the cultural cities of Cambridge and London.

When duties of husband, father and business principle are attended to, I enjoy winding down practicing callisthenics and seeking out new acquisitions for an ever growing vinyl music collection … and walking our dog, Turquesa, which means turquoise in Spanish.


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