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Optimum Electrics Peterborough based electriciansFull Service Electrical Contractor with Specialist Skills Certified to Complete the Latest High Tech Installations

Although Optimum Electrical are fully qualified for Industrial, Commercial and Residential installations, maintenance and repairs, as well as for the latest in Electric Vehicle charging points, SMART Home installations and so on … that’s not just what our reputation has been built on.

What we’ve become known for over the past decade is our customer service – doing what is agreed, when we agree it’ll be done, within budget and on time. Keeping you ‘in the loop’ and updated is just part of how we work.

The systems, process and software applications we use mean that at anytime we can track what stage your contract or project is at – and you can too, because you can have access to the same application if you want it.

Residential Electrical installationOften we’re asked, “Can you do…?” and the answer is always “Yes” because we haven’t found anything our engineers aren’t qualified to do. That’s part of the story, and one we’re proud of but it’s also going that bit further too. As an example, we have developed a simple process that has allowed us to reduce the overall costs for Letting Agents and Private Landlords to have their Fixed Wiring Testing and remedial repairs completed. It frees up their time, minimises any upheaval for their tenants and reduces the costs overall.

Being able to redesign wiring layouts, lighting plans and industrial installations when things change is just another example of when an electrician isn’t just an electrician.

Advising, guiding and coming up with the most effective solutions is also a distinct advantage for our clients.

Thinking about things from our clients perspective means we have a better understanding of your challenges, issues and needs. So we can find the best way to deliver and achieve your objectives with the minimum of disruption, to an agreed plan and to the highest of standards – yours!

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Tom Clarkson, Optimum Electrics. Commercial electrician Peterborough.A Bit About Tom Clarkson

I always knew I wanted run a fair sized business with something I was good at. So I began as an apprentice with Scottish and Southern Energy to learn all about the electrical trade, not just how to complete electrical installations and the mechanics of it, but how business itself works.

Now 11 years down the road Optimum is a well established company employing fully qualified electricians as well as apprentices so that we have new blood, well trained and following the ethos and service ethics of Optimum Electrics.

I’ve been married to Jenny since 2017 and we have our first baby due in the next few months, obviously we’re very excited about that … as is our dog, Coco, who knows something’s happening and is extra protective.

Being part of High Flyers, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve heard about other member’s experiences and asked endless questions, which has allowed me to make far better decisions than I ever would have before. There’s a wealth of knowledge that I’ve been able to plug into as well as adding my own where applicable. We cover everything from marketing and sales to contractual needs, employing staff and leveraging a business to increase its asset value. I’d recommend anybody in business to find something like this and embrace it.

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