Axiom Vehicle Repair Centres

Accident Repair Centres So Well Designed, Equipped and Utilised they Cut the Costs of Vehicle Repairs for Insurers, Fleet Management and Owners

Axiom Accident Repair Centres have been specifically designed to deliver the pinnacle in vehicle body repairs. Paintless Dent Removal, Recalibration of sensors, Glass repair or replacement.

If a vehicle can roll through the door, Axiom Accident Repair Centres can effect flawless repairs in a fraction of the time of historical repairs because of the high tech equipment used in the process.

Axiom is part of The Dent Network Group, a company with a history of specialising in latest technology vehicle body repairs, hail damage repairs, paintless dent removal and a huge range of specialist paintless dent removal tools to the trade.

The first repair centre to open in the UK is near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and has been described as being like a ‘high end car showroom’. The equipment used is the best available and the technicians and engineers have been drawn from a pool of those at the top of their game. When it comes to bodywork repairs there is nothing finer available.

Fast Vehicle RepairNow you’d be forgiven for thinking it sounds like an expensive place to bring a vehicle for body repairs, however, whilst not the cheapest – not something we’d ever try to be as no corners are cut at Axiom – the efficiencies in our operational processes, the high tech, quality equipment and the repair times achieved, mean excellent value for money and cost effective solutions. It is the process efficiency and quality of repairs that has attracted large insurance companies, fleet management specialists and other large organisations as well as individual car owners.

The disruption to the car owner is minimised and the costs to insurance companies and fleets is often dramatically reduced as replacement, or courtesy vehicles are not needed for anywhere near as long and in many cases, not at all.

Axiom Accident Repair Centres deliver the future of body repairs today. With a lifetime guarantee on all our body repairs, why would you risk going anywhere else.

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