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Cell regeneration logoIf You Suffer from Musculoskeletal Pain, Through Illness, Lifestyle or Injury – You Can Alleviate the Pain and Repair the Damage

There’s a reality in life, our bodies although absolutely wonderfully evolved, tend to wear out. Some faster than others and some areas faster and more regularly than others.

Cell Regeneration specialises in helping people who, through lifestyle, injury or illness, are suffering from musculoskeletal problems and live with the debilitating effects of such afflictions as Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, back pain, spinal problems and sports injuries.

The technology is known as MBST or Magnetic Resonance Therapy. It doesn’t mask pain, it doesn’t temporarily relieve suffering – it quite simply stimulates the repair of specific areas. Magnetic Resonance Therapy utilises a similar technology to MRI machines, it is a pain-free form of therapy specifically pioneered for the treatment of those with musculoskeletal problems.

MBST therapy for sports injury.1The MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) technology used in MBST ‘communicates’ with damaged areas such as tendons, ligaments, muscle cells, degenerated cartilage and bones and effectively stimulates a natural regrowth and repair of the affected area.

MBST technology uses physics medically to reverse the effects of a variety of issues, some of which are mentioned above, and the general wear and tear that affects most of us over time.

One of the marvels of MBST therapy is that once the injured cells, or cells in an area affected by disease, are stimulated appropriately, they continue to repair, develop and grow on their own.

Critically, MBST therapy doesn’t need any surgery, medication, injections, infusions or painkillers. It is a sustainable, uncomplicated and comfortable method of improving the damaged area. In many cases the need for intrusive surgery has been alleviated.

The therapy was first pioneered by a physiotherapist from Rutland and now, twenty years later over 1 million hours of therapy have been administered with absolutely no side effects – only improved quality of life. There are currently nine clinics you can attend for treatment, with more that want to trial the technology up and down the country.

If you undertake MBST therapy for your condition you’ll find you are fully supported. From your initial diagnosis, throughout your treatment and in your aftercare trained technicians and healthcare professionals will be looking after you.

Why live with pain or continue taking medications, perhaps unnecessarily, when it simply may not be needed. Isn’t it worth finding out if MBST can help you in your situation?

Take the time to explore your possibilities, you’ll be delighted you did.

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A Little About Elisabeth Clare

I am Elisabeth Clare, Co-Director, with my Brother Charlie, of Cell Regeneration, the UK licence holder for the medical technology, MBST.

I wear many hats in my role as MD: taking care of patients, running our Rutland medical clinic, developing the business, and supporting the other clinics offering MBST around the UK. My real strength lies in bringing the right people together. I am the problem solver, the bridge between technology and people. I bring creative thinking and business insight into a world of science and research. I also see myself as an ambassador for the technology, focussing on what it can do for patients and conveying the outcome to as many people as possible.

I believe in helping people by providing a genuine and trusted service with my business. As the company continues to grow,

I split my time between patients, supporting health professionals, and ensuring the business is always progressing and growing. Away from the business I find time to walk my dogs, ride a horse, and practice yoga and Pilates. I live in Rutland with my boyfriend and two dogs. They are all loopy.

Finding a balance is very important to me in every aspect of life, and I place a lot of value in all of my relationships, whether they’re family, friends or business associates. I feel very fortunate that many blur the lines between the three.

Success to me is feeling fulfilled and significant, being financially comfortable enough to feel a sense of freedom and having enough time for the people and leisurely pursuits I care about.

Joining High Flyers

In my 9th year of co-running Cell Regeneration with my brother, I joined High Flyers to further my maturation into a proficient businesswoman. It has been one of the best business decisions I have made. It has helped me to fine-tune my capabilities, and also gain invaluable support from others in navigating the pitfalls of running a business from day-to-day.

Company Directors need support, no matter the industry. High Flyers allows us to exchange ideas and experiences so we might learn from one another. Despite our differences, we always find commonalities between our companies. We are united by our drive and passion as we strive for excellence in our respective industries.

Since becoming a Member of High Flyers, we have had nearly a 100% increase of turnover compared to the year before!

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