High Flyers Members

It’s important that the members in the High Flyers business group have something to offer, each needs to bring something to the table that is valuable or useful for the other members. That way everyone benefits by being part of the group.

Attitude, knowledge and experience are far more important than how much money you’ve made in business. Being successful is, to some, all about money, however success can be measured in many  different ways. For some a huge turnover and a small final profit is what they want, for others less turnover and greater profitability. More time living life and less time working in the business, a legacy too leave behind, developing something meaningful – whatever it is you want out of business is entirely up to you. The members of High Flyers are all business owners and all successful. It’s their knowledge, experience and thinking that’s important to the group.

There are no competing members and the twelve member businesses are all very different in what they do – However, they’re all forward thinking, supportive and have a success mentality.