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If you’ve ever wanted to be the very best ‘you’ that you can be … you’ll quickly understand what Magenta Coaching Solutions delivers to people.

A multi-faceted business, Magenta helps develop people, both individuals and teams, improve and excel in several different ways according to need, desire and want.

Whether it’s with training, coaching or mentoring Magenta helps develop people using different methods and tools.
NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming in its simplest form is a way of helping someone adapt and change their thoughts and behaviours for the better to help them achieve desired outcomes.

Motivational Mapping figures heavily in the work Magenta does, it’s an accurate and reliable tool that helps individuals, as well as groups, understand exactly what motivates them. Making it easier for managers to get the best from their people and for individuals to understand what it is that drives them in their career to help them to make informed career decisions. So, if you want to change career and don’t know which way to go, or you have an individual or a team of managers that you know could achieve far more – Motivational Mapping allows you to unlock exactly how to get the best from them.

There is even a Youth Motivational Mapping Programme for young people. They may be your own children or perhaps children you teach. However, like adults, youngsters have motivators and if we understand what they are, helping them to improve, to do their best and to excel becomes dramatically easier. It may be just by understanding what really ‘does it for them’ and appreciating how they learn and take on board information, that you’re able to help set them up for life. It’s that powerful a tool.

Magenta trains people that want to coach others, or improve an existing coaching business, maximising their abilities. The Public Speaking training programme delivers better understanding and greater confidence to speak well in front of others, to get the right points across. Whether in front of a large audience or a small team, the public speaking is a game changer.

There’s more but you get the gist of it, so if you’d like to improve yourself or your team, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through things with you.

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A Bit About Bevis Moynan

“I am a husband, father of two young children (Aidan and Ellie), keen golf and cricket enthusiast and someone who loves to help people to ‘get out of their own way’ so that they can lead the life they want to live.

The tools I use to help people achieve their objectives are NLP training, NLP Coaching and Motivational Maps.”


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