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Superior Surfaces logoManufacturing Beautifully Finished Surfaces and Cabinetry for the Discerning, Including Dentists, Doctors, Veterinarians and Residential Homes

Wherever you go, wherever you look, there are surfaces. Surfaces to work on, to cover cabinets, freestanding and integral.

At Superior Surfaces we specialise in manufacturing high quality surfaces. Dental cabinetry with bacteria resistant surfaces, the same for doctors surgery surfaces, hospital surfaces, veterinary practice surfaces, kitchen surfaces and so on.

All made from any variety of different materials including various woods, Hanex, Corian, Durasein, Hi-Macs and so on. A mixture of acrylics, minerals and pigments allow us to fabricate surfaces that achieve the ISO 14001 environmental standards, give you a wide range of colours and finishes, seamless joins and beautifully tailored finishes. Eco-conscious products are now available for all manner of different applications.

Bacteria resistant work surfaces.5What you need from your surface dictates the materials you choose to have them manufactured from, the vast majority of our clients want a hard wearing, bacteria resistant material that will look fabulous for decades. The beauty of the materials we use is that many of them can be formed, that is moulded and worked, into often intricate shapes. We’ve even made a range of wonderful high end ‘wave tables’ for a design client, bringing their vision to life.

Superior Surfaces has manufactured surfaces since 2009 in our specialist factory in Cambridgeshire and, as we’ve grown, we’ve invested in high quality equipment that gives us superb accuracy and consistency. The two Morbidelli large bed CNC machines we own can achieve some highly complex designs, with exact precision every time.

That’s the beauty of manufacturing, with the right skills, machinery and materials there are so many different  things that can be produced. However, the majority of what we do fits squarely under the heading of Superior Surfaces.

The long term relationships with valued materials suppliers means we can maintain a consistent flow of products, for both commercial and residential surfaces. It gives us a great balance going through our production and manufacturing processes.

From prototypes and one-off commissions to a series of matching surfaces for a group of practices, we can help you achieve the outcome you want.

We’re happy to discuss your product and give you advice and guidance so that you can make a fully informed decision and get exactly what’s right for you and your needs.

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Sean Dennis Superior SurfacesAbout Sean Dennis

My personal mission in life is to enhance the experience of life, I takes this mission into everyday life through my relationships, products and services.  I’m the founder of Superior Surfaces, DNA Motivation and The Lighthouse Tour.

Founded in 2009 Superior Surfaces has been manufacturing and installing stunning solid surface bespoke worktops nationwide. My personal mission is at the forefront of the company, ensuring clients lives are enhanced with a benchmark setting customer experience and superior product with every project.  Over the last decade the business has invested heavily in the latest CNC technology which has enabled precision accuracy and shorter lead times.  Constantly adapting to market demand, the business now also manufactures and installs high quality hygienic worksurfaces and base units to the healthcare industry nationwide.

As a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Practitioner of Timeline Therapy,  Hypnotherapy and Motivational Maps, I use my knowledge and experience to enable my clients to enhance their lives by taking off their “Rucksack of bollocks” and living a life with clarity and purpose.

In June 2018 I undertook a personal campaign to raise awareness around mental health and suicide.  I began by driving my 1974 VW beetle around my native Ireland for 10 days locating lighthouses and doing a series of videos along the way, with the theme of “Darkness into Light”.  The campaign was a huge success and the work has continued with The Lighthouse Tour becoming a registered charity, The charity’s mission is “To revolutionise Mental Health”, and is currently planning a tour around England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales from August 11Th to 12th September 2021.

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