Profitable Marketing

Developing Proven Strategies for Marketing and Sales Communications to Maximise Your Returns

Marketing is anything and everything you put in front front of a prospective, existing or past client, in any format, to help them understand and appreciate why they should choose you over your competition.

Well, that is my definition!

Profitable marketing is ensuring it’s done in the most cost, time and resource effective ways possible. The key is to then systematise and process drive the most measurably successful tactics and methods within your business so that they can produce excellent results year after year. Supporting sales and adding value.

Make that happen and you have a faster growing asset value in your business.

The psychology behind marketing communications and sales functions is critical. We’ve all heard the adage “Think like a fish to catch a fish” and there’s a great deal of sense in that. Realistically, if you don’t truly understand what your clients and customers want and need from you, your products and your services, how are you going to educate them to properly value what you offer?

When a business struggles to compete to sell a product or service, to retain clients and get paid what they’re really worth,  it is more often than not due to a direct failure to effectively educate their buyer. That’s assuming that the business is selling something that is wanted or needed and delivers it well, which the vast majority do. However, the vast majority also fail to maximise their returns due to this one, absolutely key, challenge!

Profitable Marketing Ltd works with all manner of businesses, mainly B2B, with turnovers ranging from a few hundred thousand pounds to tens of millions – interestingly, the core problems, issues and challenges are very often the same or similar – wherever they are and whatever they sell. Having worked with businesses in North America, Europe and all across the UK, aside from cultural differences, I’ve found that every business has similar aims – getting and keeping valued clients profitably and maximising returns and, as I said above, they often have the same challenges too.

If we assume that a business has a good product or service and offers it to a market that wants it and can pay for it, the rest is educating the market properly – and that’s the same whether you want a lifestyle business, a multi-national, to ‘die with your boots on’ or sell it to exit.

I often find that the solution for a business to increase it’s returns and get a higher profitability is not as complex or testing as the business owner, or board, thinks. They simply can’t see it – properly – from an outside perspective with an experienced eye.

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Chris Billington Hughes. Profitable Marketing. strategies for business growth.A Little About Chris Billington Hughes

Marketing reared its head for me when I began my first ‘real’ business with a friend in 1990,. selling leisure wear with artwork prints and designs. People loved what we created, so why did we struggle? We simply didn’t have the knowledge or experience then to understand how to compete in a competitive market.

That was a long time ago and since then I’ve learnt a lot, worked with some of the pillars of the global marketing field and studied many more. Importantly, I’ve run my own businesses and helped many hundreds of others during my career, and I still thoroughly enjoy it. I chose to become a one person operation around ten years ago having been a Director and owner of a European marketing plc for some fifteen years prior and I now enjoy a far better work life balance.

I’m a family man, my wife Ellen is a nurse and I have three grown up children, we have a blue Staffy who keeps us fit and active. I have a passion, well probably more of an obsession, with motorbikes, I’ve always had them and still enjoy tinkering as well as riding. Ellen also rides a bike as does one of my Sons.

I’m the newest member of High Flyers and have already found it to be beneficial. As I work on my own, albeit with clients, having the ability to bounce things off other members as a sounding board is invaluable as well as it being educational and social. I’d advise anybody in business to join a group such as this.

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