What Value Is There in a Mastermind Group?

During a recent High Flyers meeting we were discussing the value of us getting together on a regular basis. It was an interesting conversation.  There were, for a variety of reasons, a few absentees and we talked about how they’d missed out on a useful, valuable and enjoyable meeting, with lively discussion, a fabulous lunch and some interesting thoughts.

Some of us gave our opinions as to why we felt it was such a valuable time for us in particular.  Those reasons included being able to ask questions of our peers and receiving honest and non-judgemental answers.  Having frank and open discussions around issues and challenges, drawing on the energy of the group, being held accountable for the tasks we’d promised to complete …, and just taking the time to do something positive (other than our usual work) for our businesses.

What was really profound was when, Elizabeth Clare, MD of Cell Regeneration said “It’s like Yoga for your business” … a comment that perfectly describes the High Flyers Mastermind meetings.  We all come away feeling better and with renewed energy.

What do you do to feel like that about your business?


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