Another Profitable Success for Clients of The Little Land Company

Excess land property development

The Little Land Company have had another recent success for the owner of a lovely four bedroomed house with a fairly large garden in Cambridgeshire.

The owners were thinking of moving and, like anyone, wanted to maximise their returns. TLLC identified a potential way of increasing the value of their property without costing them anything at all.

The garden was fenced off reducing it in size without detracting from its appeal, leaving another plot to the rear.  The house still sold for its full asking price.

Meanwhile, The Little Land Company paid all the fees and costs up front to gain planning permission for another dwelling on the fenced off land.  When the land was subsequently sold, at a far higher value due to having planning permission, the profit was shared between the owner and TLLC.

With The Little Land Company taking care of all the work and upfront costs, the owner realised their full asking price, and received a very handsome additional bonus for no outlay and no work on their part!

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