Harley Street Consultant, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Former England Rugby Player, Partners with Cell Regeneration

Mr Jonathan Webb Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Harley StreetCell Regeneration is delighted to have teamed up with Consultant Surgeon Mr Jonathan Webb, whose Harley Street surgery now houses a brand new MBST Therapy unit.

Jonathan Webb is no stranger to the damage that can be inflicted to the body, as a former England rugby player he knows all about sports injuries. Mr Webb played for the England national team from 1987 to 1993, reaching the 1991 World Cup Final and winning two Five Nations grand slam titles. His time is now spent focusing specifically on helping those who have knee problems. Whether caused by injury or disease. The new MBST Therapy machine installed in his Harley Street clinic brings the number of Cell Regenerations partner clinics in the UK to ten. That’s perfectly apt in its tenth year of operating MBST therapy technology.

MBST Therapy is a non-invasive treatment which stimulates damaged tissue promoting regeneration and helping the body to repair itself. It is a phenomenally successful treatment for a vast range of diseases and injuries.

MD Elizabeth Clare said “ One of the reasons we’re delighted to be in partnership with Mr Webb is the fact that he is a surgeon, he understands exactly how effective MBST Therapy is and has chosen to extend his patients options by installing this well proven technology”.

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